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Unsurpassed 2 Bd Condo (Buenos Aires)


Call us for more information: (USA/CANADA) ver datos contacto (MX) +52 ver datos contacto We'll find you the perfect condo or villa.

One-Year-Lease Special $10,000 Pesos

This Long Term Apartment is located in Buenos Aires just 5 minutes off the Canopy Exit on highway 200. The apartment features nice furnishings, brand new dining room and living room set. Washer and dryer combo and brand new kitchen appliances. There' s also a medium size balcony off the living room with street views.

Buenos Aires neighborhood is often chosen for its location close to Romantic Zone and Los Muertos Beach. More local services are available in these ‘non-tourist’ areas too, without having to fight the occasional busloads of tourists gawking on the sidewalk in El Centro.

As Puerto Vallarta has grown, Buenos Aires has become popular residential neighborhood for the people who live and work here. It is quieter than downtown with some view of only the mountains and River Cuale. Prices tend to be in the low range. This is the inland zone on the right-hand side of Libramietno along River Cuale, the main street heading West to town along River Cuale will take you directly Farmer's Market, Romantic Zone and Los Muertos Beach.

This complex features lounge and common pool.

Getting Around

Emiliano Zapata's Mercado Municipal, or municipal market, while small, is worth visiting as it authentically represents the shopping experience in small towns throughout Mexico. It is located in the corner of Lázaro Cárdenas and Camichín streets.

The "Romantic Zone" is located on the south side of town, known as the "Old Town".

This is where you'll find supermarkets, grocery stores and open air markets, sidewalk cafés and traditional taco stands, two hospitals, drugstores, shops, the only English-language theater in town and, of course, Puerto Vallarta's most famous beach: Los Muertos.

Olas Altas Street (just 7 blocks away from the condos) is where it's all happening at night!

And talking about restaurants... there are superb restaurants, on the beach and along the streets, that serve mouth-watering dishes of all ethnicities: Italian, Austrian, Thai, Philippine, French, Swiss, Chinese, Japanese ...and Mexican!

Call us for more information: (USA/CANADA) ver datos contacto (MX) +52 ver datos contacto We'll find you the perfect condo or villa.

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