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Nine months ago I was searching for a nice place to park my beloved Honda S2000, without someone joy ridding around in it, that I (I don't speak Spanish very well) could communicate well with etc.
After meeting with Bryon, and checking out this (other places were less expensive, but was nasty dirty, people hanging around, they did not speak English) place I decided to park with Bryon (Parking Solutions) for the six month duration.

I had over stayed by two months because of life's priorities. So I came back to Puerto Vallarta on 3/12/19, as I was comming out of the airport I was greated outside with my clean Honda S ready to go.

He mentions that the cleaning he does is not a detailing, just basic washing and vacuuming, but man what a great job he did removing all the dust n dirt that accumulated over the years. He also changed my oil n filter for free, I just supplied ($150 for disposal of oil/filter) the oil and filter, checked lights, tire psi etc.

So I will definitely be looking forward to parking my Honda S with Bryon for the next season. This guy should be THE ONLY PLACE to park your vehicle if you don't want to worry about it.

His contact information.....322 148 0893 dvfandi @ spacing.

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