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Learn Spanish through really practical functional activities focus on real life situations as restaurants, buying things, giving directions, applying for a service, etc. You can change subjects depends on your needs.
Spanish for your business or grammar lessons easily explained.
Key vocabulary and lots of conversational practice. Only $200 pesos per hour in PV downtown, ask other rates in your area.
Join with your friends and share the price.
Private tutoring is better than schools, you'll save time, you'll advance faster and you'll feel more comfortable for speaking.
Take your lessons at a coffee shop or at your own place.
Any level. Make your own schedule, flexible times and days.
Also conversation about Mexican customs, idioms, idiosyncrasy, goverment procedures, history or social issues.
Nativa Spanish speaker. Adjunct Professor Ivan Lopez 28 years of experience. Contact me by e-mail: ver datos contacto Facebook: Iban Lopess Cell and WhatsApp: 322 191 10 69
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