Turn $1 million into $10 million, we can show you how

Would you like to turn $1 million into $10 million, we can show you how. Have you ever wished that you had heard of and had an opportunity to invest in Uber or Facebook before the world knew about these companies. Or maybe Amazon or Instagram when no one knew who they were and before they were public and now worth Billions of dollars.

Well some people did. It is because those companies were 'Private' and only those who knew the few brokers and referral agents and the people involved got to invest at that time. Being able to invest in "Private" companies on the verge of super success is what we have over 25 years of experience in.

Tinder is the #1 dating app in the world and is now worth $20 billion dollars. We have knowledge of a 'Private Company' located in Playa Vista, Ca. that may have the newest and 'hottest dating app' coming to the market.

They are offering the opportunity for 'Private Investment' and looking for $1 million dollars to advertise in the Los Angeles area on YouTube and Spectrum Television. They are willing to offer 10 million shares of the company and a 12% ownership for a $1 million dollar investment. The product in now in the Apple App Store and is testing incredible in quiet testing that has taken place in West Los Angeles. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Based on market analytics, if this company can get just 1 million users on the application , the public price of the company could easily be $4 per share and a 'billion dollar' offer of value would be just around the corner.

Of course all investments have 'risk', but the product is finished, tested, in the Apple App Store, and ready to sign up users and take in revenue. Someone is going to be the lucky person to take advantage of this, why not you.
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